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Elements Water 2 Sepia Wallpaper


Water signs are kind, gentle, competent, and smart. They are quick-witted and have a good memory. Water signs think before they act.


Water is the source of life on this planet. Water has the capacity to flow, infinitely, yielding yet infinitely powerful,silent and still, awaiting, flexible, ever changing, a stored potential and often dangerous (flood’s devastation) with the capacity also to nourish and clense.


Water represented by. The bolour black/blue and a wave like shape, water’s motion is downward, fluid, secretive, intuitive, compassionate, sensitive, gentle and creative.  Water is the ultimate yin, quiet, cold, representing the resting time of winter.


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    • Unwoven uncoated paper
    • Backer required
    • Designed to butt
    • An example of rolls required: 4ft by 8ft room will require 8 rolls for full coverage