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Lesley Chan’s Chinese heritage, by way of New Zealand, is reflected in the LUXURY PRODUCTS for Range I, INTO YOUR HANDS. The marriage of East meets West and 25 years in the tattoo industry has resulted in the creation of distinctive and covetable pieces.


Over the years, with much fortitude, and the oscillation of stellar and precipice, Lesley consequently applied a tectonic grafting for work, iteration and a synergy of mind and spirit.


The tattoos she has created on the skin have enabled an appreciation for the connection she has forged with the amazing people that wear them. This rite of passage is part of the chapter, that will be, ever so slightly open to tender, a sincere pleasure. 


The name, LORE Of Shangri-La, is a progression from the East London tattoo parlour of 10 years called Shangri-la.  Adding ‘LORE’, i.e. the anecdotal and traditional beliefs, handed down and story-telling, as a pre-fix to Shangri-La, the fictional paradise, marks her next creative chapter. Her translation, and notable contemporary lean on Asian Folklore, references the mythical to the folkloric within the juxtaposition of the idea of what is Heaven and Hell, the idea of the cyclical and ritual.


Lesley wishes to extend her artistry beyond her demographic reach to a wider audience.  The natural migration encapsulating myth and history into objects felt inevitable. Contributing with workshops, mentorships and residencies have been invaluable. Working alongside creatives and young people, inspires and rewards, of equal measure.


This gallery page is a cornucopia of past and present, the final of the triptych is the debut, LORE of Shangri-la.

there has been a great progression, the showcase space on 7 thanet rd is taking its next transition which is to set up a concept shop.   we are welcoming all that is folkloric,  mythical, outsider and celebrating the artisan/artist process and practice.

there are many ceramic works, that sit beside lore of shangri-la Rangei I into your hands pieces.  we welcome you all into the fold.


lore of shangri-la

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