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Element Water 1 Goldfish Mute Grey Scarf


The element series is based upon the 5 natural elements that are principal philosophy in Asian culture.  Elements are water/fire/wood/metal and earth.  The ebb and flow of these elements are a mercurial, functioning traits that are embodied in all that is life, death and the universe.


On a personal note, Lesley Chan bred goldfish especially loving black moors. 


Read the story.

  • The goldfish is a continual narrative in Chinese history. Their symbolism denotes peace, love and prosperity.


    In my early years, every Chinese domestic home, sparce in garden, yet, had a pond or aquarium full of these beautiful golden descendants of the carp. And here, my journey begun breeding and caring for these glistening wonders.


    The silk/chiffon scarf is a full vibrant piece to add to your collection.  The scarf expands and envelops. It’s shear quality material is opaque enough to conceal you, yet, it is light and  mutable to adorn your upper body. The silk allows warmth in winter and a coolness in summer.


    It is a great piece to travel with, very compact and can fit snugly into your hands.


    The lore scarf may be varied in shade, with hand finishing in tassels and possible dying. Please handwash only.