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The Heron

In ancient Feng Shui texts, the Heron is one of the most important bird symbols next to the mythical phoenix.


Two herons together are the ultimate symbol of longevity.


As they fly so high above Earth’s soil they also represent cleanliness and purity.

The heron, the Buddhists believe are the animals that carry the spirit to Heaven.

In Asian Art, they are depicted alone or in a pair.  However, never lonely.

Associated with clouds and flowers represents longevity, wisdom and nobility.


A pair of Herons in our Living Hall denotes the patriarch and matriarch living through till the ripe age, and the continuation of an in-tact and harmonious family.


Shirasagi-no-mai or the White Dance embodies the Heron Period (794-1192).

The 1,000 year old White Heron ritual dance was originally performed to drive out the plague and to purify the spirits on the passage to the next world.

People love the beautiful snow-white figure of Heron as a symbol of peace.  According to religious belief pure white Heron/Cranes inhabit the Isles of the Bless and their powerful wings are able to convey souls to the Western Paradise.


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